The Sebring Concept - natural falling hair to be styled with ease!
Armando Medina and Jay Sebring in the Albuquerque location

Train to become a Sebring Certified
Hair Designing Expert  

The Sebring concept is unique in the world of hair design and care. The famous Sebring cutting method results in hair which falls into place naturally.  It has been our constant aim to elevate the profession of Barbering. That we have succeeded is reflected in the whole new industry that has grown up around us. .  

Armando Medina who was trained personally by Jay Sebring will teach you the revolutionary Sebring technique.  Armando has a training regimen that can catapult your career into the upper echelons of hair design.  If you are looking to join the elite, then you should consider training with Sebring Master Armando Medina.

Once Sebring Certified, the newly created Sebring shop owner is entitled to display the Sebring Certified Seal. Sebring Certified cutters are recognized as true hair designing experts! Experience has proven over time that that the prestige of the Sebring name attracts an above normal number of customers.  Customers who are usually more discriminating.  Customers who appreciate and demand a better cut from an expert cutter.  In turn, these clients will recommend Sebring shops to their friends and family.  In other words, the Sebring name is steeped in the tradition of "Word of Mouth" advertising.

More than just a scissor cut - The Sebring Technique is SUPERB!

Training consists of ...............

If you are interested in pursuing a valuable Sebring Certification, you can obtain more information by inquiring here.  Simply fill out the form below.

Sebring cutters are trained to be Master Cutters!
Master Cutter - Armando Medina - Sebring Trainer - trained by Jay Sebring himself!

Jay visiting Sebring Internation and Mando Medina in 1969

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