Here’s the summary of our privacy and security statement: 

When subscribing to our email newsletter, we only ask for your email address.  That information is only used to send you our free email newsletters.   We don't rent, sell or distribute subscriber information to anybody. We never share your information except to carry out the services you request.  Period.  You can unsubscribe from the email newsletters at any time you like. You have complete control over your subscriptions.  The instructions to remove yourself from an ezine are given at the bottom of every issue.  Follow those instructions and our automated system will handle the rest. 

None of this is new or a change in our policies. Ever since our humble beginnings, has always kept our readers’ personal information confidential. This privacy policy just formalizes what we’ve always done. 

We know how concerned you are about security. We use the most secure means of information gathering "SSL or Secure Socket Layer Security". Here’s the summary of our privacy and security statement: 

Customer service phone number:  505-884-5544

Cancellation and refund policy:  No refunds after shipping.

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