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Jay Sebring cutting George Peppard's hair on the set of the Blue Max

The Sebring concept is unique in the world of hair design and care.  The famous Sebring cutting method results in hair which falls into place naturally. It is complemented by the excellent Sebring products, which were especially created to enable a client to maintain a healthy, manageable, attractive hairstyle between visits to his or her Sebring Certified Shop. This combination of excellent technique, training and product has resulted in a chain of over 800 successful shops throughout the country, a figure which grows almost daily.

The Sebring Certified Shop

A Sebring Certified Shop is an exclusive barber or beauty salon staffed with experts who have been trained personally by the country's leading cutters. Once having completed Sebring training, the designer receives a Sebring Seal of Approval. The Sebring shop owner is entitled to display the Sebring Certified Seal. Sebring Certified cutters are recognized as true hair designing experts! Experience has proven that the prestige of the Sebring name attracts customers in the designers that they recommend our shops to their friends.  Sebring Product Profits Only Sebring Certified Shops are authorized to use and sell these famous Sebring Professional Products. In this way, you, the barber or cosmetologist, are protected from competition with retail outlets.

Jay Sebring getting out of the car

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Because the products are an integral part of the Sebring 
concept, your customers will purchase them, thus increasing your shop's profits. 

We have available for sale to your customers a wide range of products packaged in a variety of convenient sizes. The Sebring line includes our unique shampoo, conditioner, hair controls, heat shield, grooming aids and other fine care products.

Sebring Training

Sebring provides shop owners and their staffs with a personalized training course. Expert demonstrators visit our shops and share the secrets of successful styling, as well as sales techniques and use of the Sebring Product line.

The Sebring Family

When you join a family, Sebring Products, Inc., is a family of shops, held together by the desire to promote the Sebring method and backed by the integrity of the Sebring hair care products. You create your own family of satisfied customers and give them pleasure by enhancing their own natural good looks. Remember, when the industry says "Sebring", it means the company. When a customer says "Sebring", he or she means you!

Your Sebring Opportunity

Sebring offers the latest methods, designs and products to keep you on top of your fast moving field. To succeed, you must have something to offer which your competitors do not. We offer this through seminars and expert guidance.  View several photos with Jay Sebring styling Hollywood legends by clicking  here.

Jay Sebring on the set of the Virginian TV series

  Click here to see Sebring's Porsche and a short video clip that Jay recorded for a training session just prior to his untimely and tragic death.
This is one of a hand full of known tapes left in existence. 
Use of this video, or any pictures from this web site without prior written permission of Sebring and Sebring International is prohibited.  Violators will be prosecuted to fhe fullest exent of the law.  

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